The mere thought of washing your natural hair maybe absolutely dreadful due to the time it takes,cleaning, drying and the inevitable  detangling process that always follows but nothing beats the amazing feeling of a clean scalp after a successful wash session!. I consider a hair wash successful if the scalp and hair is thoroughly clean with no damage done to the hair in the process.

Contrary to many peoples’ belief natural hair can also be fragile and while washing a lot of damage can be done such as the use of drying shampoos which strip the hair off all its natural oils, using too much shampoo, poor washing techniques and rough manipulation.

So here are some important tips that I have placed according to the phases of washing your hair!

Consider the process of washing hair as having three phases namely the preparation, washing and the drying phase.


PREPARATION  (right before you wash)

  1. DETANGLE! that’s the number one tip!, the manipulation plus water will definitely amplify any preexisting tangles which will lead to breakage and matting. Consider pre-poo with your oils of choices especially if you are using a potentially harsh/drying shampoo.
  2. SECTION YOUR HAIR: for those with about six inches of hair and above it is more efficient to separate your hair into 4-6 twisted or braided sections and later \wash one at a time to assure effective cleanliness with no more tangles or matting.


3. DO NOT USE SALT WATER: check and make sure your water is distilled for salt water sucks out all moisture from the hair leaving it dry and very easily breakable

4.  BE GENTLE AND SYSTEMATIC: do not use your nails to scrub and don’t scrub in multiple directions as it will lead to tangles and knots, please stop swooping your hair and piling them on top of the head like they do on the commercials! just do a downward or outward motion and it will be enough.

5 . DON’T USE TOO MUCH SHAMPOO:  so as to not strip your hair of all its oils, the frequency of shampooing should depend on the length of your hair, your activities and also your frequency of using products on your hair that need to be washed off.

6.  USE A CONDITIONER AFTER WASHING: this helps to initiate restoration of whatever good stuff the shampoo has washed away e.g oils provide some necessary protection and prevent breakage by making the hair soft.


7.  USE A MICROFIBER TOWEL OR A T-SHIRT: the structure of our traditional towels causes hair to tangle while drying, do not rub the hair rather just cover, squeeze the material and it will absorb the water.

DO NOT RUSH while washing your hair, just take your time to be gentle and make sure the scalp is clean and rejuvinated, your hair too. And remember a little breakage is inevitable just make sure it is little.




For hair growth and maximum length retention care must be given to your hair both night and day!, a lot of damage can take place while sleeping that results from friction between exposed hair strands and harsh pillow cases, drying, tangling and frizzing.

A perfect night time routine involves measures to combat those damages mentioned above thus leaving your hair moisturized, healthy and looking good when you wake up next morning!

Here is an idea of how to do it.


The aim of this step is to hydrate your hair, hard water/salty water is your enemy since it gets your hair more dry by sucking water out of the strands.You may add a bit of your favorite leave in strengthener/conditioner to the water just to add a little more value and a nice scent. Please do not drown yourself during this process you will definitely know when its enough.

2. OIL

Trap in the moisture from the water by applying your favorite liquid natural hair oils to your scalp, hair from the root to the tips, you could then throw in a 3-5 mins scalp massage to boost blood flow.


It is best do detangle before you plait your hair, do this in order to  maintain some nice curls, prevent hair tangling,breakage, and even stretching your hair to some extent..


Two strands twists or flat twists are a perfect way to protect your hair at night and give you beautiful curls after undoing them in the morning or if they are very well done then you can definitely rock those as a style as they are.You can choose to do small or big twists depending on the time and the results you are going for.


A famous method of preserving curls for long hair, it involves massaging hair oil into your hair and scalp then wrap a scarf around your hair and pushing the hair up and back at the top of your head like a pineapple, this way you can sleep freely without destroying the curls at the top thus preserving the stile for up to a week!.


I cant emphasize enough on this point, it helps prevent breakage due to friction between the hair and cotton, prevents frizz tangles and most importantly preserves moisture from all that water from the 1st process! cotton material will suck those strands dry so please! EVERYBODY “save water sleep on satin!” yes water is scarce lol!…goodness i think I’ve just created a motto for one environmentally friendly recycled satin caps and pillowcases company! its just certainly not my company! lol

Please read on the items needed to start your journey and also important natural liquid hair oils if you are just starting your natural hair journey o that you get the necessary items you need to start a healthy nighttime routine to maximize length and style retention.

All the best!





Onions are one of the most crucial veggies for tackling hair thinning and induce undoubtful hair growth and thickening, they contain a tremendous amount of sulfur necessary for creating and maintaining the dignity and strength of hair strands .

Hair is made up of a protein which also makes up the skin called Keratin, this protein contains strong chemical bonds  between 2 sulfur molecules(disulfide bonds) that hold the protein molecules together to give the strands strength and structure, this tells us that onions are very helpful in the formation of keratin for hair growth.

There is a recent study done which has shown that applying onion juice on bald spots caused by the autoimmune disease Alopecia areata helps regrowth of hair very significantly.

Onions also have anti-fungal and antibiotics properties which as we have discussed on the causes of dandruff these properties are very helpful in eliminating the condition. The sulfur is also important in unclogging follicles further taking part as one of the simple and cheap ways of treating of dandruff.

Without delay here is how you can use onions to boost your hair growth!

1. Onion juice.

13 Onion Juice

You will need: an onion, a blender or grater and a strainer.

How to:

  • wash a peel the onion
  • use a grater to grate it to as pasty as it can or chop it into fine pieces and use a blender to blend it into a pasty consistency
  • sieve the pulp in a strainer and squeeze for maximum amount of juice
  • Massage the juice into your hair putting more emphasis on the hair roots and your scalp
  • Leave it on for about 30-40 minutes
  • Wash with your preferred shampoo till the onion scent is cleared

Usageonce or twice a week.

2. Onion juice and coconut oil mix



You will need: 1 tbsp onion juice, 1 tbsp coconut oil, a few drops of essential oils of your choice 

How to:

  • Mix the onion juice and coconut oil
  • Add in the few drops of the essential oil, this step is essential if you will want to eliminate the onion scent.
  • Massage the mixture well into your scalp
  • Leave it in for 1 – 2 hours
  • Rinse off with your favorite scented shampoo or your batch of homemade essential oils infused shampoo to completely get rid of any left over onion scent.

Usagenot more than once a week.

3. Onion juice and honey hair mask


You will need: 2 Tbsp onion juice, 1 tbsp honey (also neutralizes the onion scent)

How to

  • Mix the honey and onion juice
  • Apply and gently massage
  • keep it in for 15 minutes
  • Shampoo for clean and onion scent free hair

Usage: once a week.


If you are allergic to onions then it is possible to get an allergic reaction by applying onions on the skin not just by eating therefore It is necessary to perform a skin patch test before you use onion treatment for your hair.

Wishing you all the best!